Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hubby is watching this (while ironing his work shirts :-), then I'll be watching the second showing of this at 11PM.

My to-do list for this evening:

~ make supper

~ put a bottle of Hubby's wine in fridge to chill

~ after dinner, get Shmoo off to bed

~ dish out some 'man snacks' for Hubby and The Boy (cheese, pepperettes, pickles, shrimp)

~ work away at my Secret Santa knitting project while watching the game

~ tuck The Boy and Hubby into bed, say goodnight to Gracie

~ change into my jammies

~ pour myself a glass of Hubby's most delicious wine

~ curl into the corner of the sofa with my knitting

~ bliss-out for two hours

~ head to bed for a whopping five hours of sleep

Yes, I'll be tired tomorrow- but it'll be so worth it!