Wednesday, January 20, 2010

in my knitting basket (it's a big basket)

Lark for The Boy (a Secret Santa gift*) in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease

French Press slippers for me (h/t Yarn Harlot, and also seen at Jennifer's blog) in Paton's Classic Wool

Yet another simple shawl for me (though if I leave my shawls lying around, Shmoo tends to claim them) in cotton denim- it will fade with washing, just like jeans! Problem: it turns my hands blue.


With needles appropriate to the yarn you are using, cast on 3 sts. K one row. On second row, K1, KFB, K to end. Repeat 2nd row until shawl is desired size (or you run out of yarn ;-)

* My in-laws were in Vietnam over Christmas, visiting Hubby's sister and family. We'll be having Third Christmas** when we see them next week.

** We had Second Christmas earlier this month when my parents were down for a quick visit.

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